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South Africa in the top ten of must-see destinations

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African Cape
African Cape  Bild: Giorgio Esposito

EN [ENA] South Africa first dreams and then loves forever. This is why he is on the agenda of the most demanding travelers around the world. From savannas to boundless landscapes, it offers unique experiences. The lively Cape Town among the most attractive and loved cities in the world.

South Africa is a destination that can be visited 12 months a year, above all for its mild climate in the winter period from June to September. But it is the summer period from December to March that attracts millions of tourists headed for the many national parks for the most varied safaris in search of large land predators or white sharks, whales, seals and penguins at sea. The whitest and longest ocean beaches are also attractive. The breathtaking landscapes and the vibrant cities that offer a dynamic life in the name of carefree are also valid alternatives. Top of the list is the fantastic Cape Town dreamed of and loved by travelers from all over the world. Not least Durban, warm and sunny for 320 days a year.

South Africa is a fabulous place to visit all year round even depending on what you want to do. The best time to observe wildlife is early spring, between August and October. Whales can be seen between July and November. The flowering of the Namaqualand desert, on the other hand, is at its peak in August and September. For diving and surfing, the best months go from April to September. South African spring and autumn are the best time for excursions because summer is very hot everywhere. For relaxation on the beaches it is advisable to start in the middle of summer, even if there is a large amount of tourists. And how to ignore the Garden Route: beaches, rivers, lakes and cities represent an area of extraordinary beauty.

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