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Mauritius, a naturalistic jewel in the Indian Ocean.

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Mauritius beautiful beach
Mauritius beautiful beach  Bild: Giorgio Esposito

EN [ENA] Mauritius, a naturalistic jewel in the Indian Ocean. The Mascarene Islands represent a real treasure with the other two Rodrigues and Reunion. A journalistic report to discover its origins and its sweet liveability with in-depth info and advice. It is difficult to resist the charm of the island.

It is difficult to resist the charm of the island of Mauritius, which still remains uncontaminated and mysterious despite the millions of travelers who reach it from the six continents throughout the year. A thousand kilometers from Madagascar, it is part of the Mascarene islands together with the little-visited Rodrigues and sparkling Réunion that has a purely French matrix. The island, 61km long and 46km wide, is surrounded by white sand beaches, often protected by coral reefs and has hinterland with dense forests, waterfalls and mountains that reach almost a thousand meters and from which you can enjoy a fantastic view of almost all of Mauritius . Living all year round, it has a warm winter and an exceptional southern summer.

The Indian island once a haven for pirates, is now a world tourism destination with luxury resorts on pristine beaches often with a scenically volcanic backdrop. The most well-known and famous center for connoisseurs of Mauritius, is located in Grand Baie (photo below) in the north-west sheltered from the trade winds that often blow on the entire east coast. The center of the village of "Grand Baie" is a concentration of designer shops mixed with a purely popular culture. The island is to be experienced according to the seasons although in general the flat and peaceful beaches of the west coast are favored by families in all seasons.

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