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Renzi, "Another way - Ideas for tomorrow's Italy"

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The new book by former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi
The new book by former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi  Bild: RM

EN [ENA] In bookstore the eighth book written by Matteo Renzi "Another way - Ideas for the Italy of tomorrow". The last in chronology had been "Forward. Because Italy does not stop" was published in 2017. 2013 had seen the release of "Oltre la rottamazione" and 2011, "Fuori!".

The presentation preface reads: "This book was born as an attempt to identify some necessary and urgent field choices, keywords that are cultural options, even political ones, construction sites on which to re-found a proposal for Italy with a breath and a broader vision of a tweet or a Facebook live.The project is characterized by a reformism that is radical in values, speaks of the past but to offer a future horizon, relaunching competence and seriousness at the same time relying on the words of the poets "It is a matter of constructing places in common against the prevalence of commonplaces that have fueled the insatiable monster of populism.

Matteo Renzi in his new book "Another road - Ideas of tomorrow Italy" - destined to soon become a best-seller of Italian politics and economy - analyzes and identifies the urgent choices to be made to propose alternative routes to the Italy of tomorrow. "How can a reformist path for Italy restart? How can we learn from mistakes and winning moves in a story that renews the sense of a challenge? How to design the future by opposing rampant fears? Matteo Renzi has chosen to take a new road, on a personal and political level, maintaining the same impetus that, ten years ago, led him to undertake an extraordinary adventure.

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